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Hacienda la capilla

“Hacienda la Capilla” is one of the tequila haciendas that endures in Jalisco. It has its origins in the late nineteenth century; its first owner was Don Antonio “El Amo” Aceves, who devoted his life to the grow of agave  and the Tequila production.

The hacienda is located in the region Los Altos of Jalisco to the east of Guadalajara, regarded as one of the best locations for growing agave due to the weather conditions and the properties of the earth, reason why here are several of the finest Tequila producers.

Compañía Tequilera Hacienda La Capilla has created its history for over 15 years and today is a tequila producer house distinguished by the high quality standars of its products that have been possible to achieve thanks to the collaboration of a local labor force whose life has always revolved around Tequila and to our well-equipped production plant for our various Tequila brands, which in addition to being consumed in our country are internationally distributed.